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Panama Corona

These Marca Fina Corona cigars are made from pure Panama tobacco. Various filler tobaccos are harvested on plantations in the northern parts of the country and give these cigars a fine flavour. The medium brown wrapper is characteristic for cigars from Panama. While enjoying these cigars you will perceive aromas of berries, exotic spices and even dark chocolate. The Corona has been considered as the classical cigar format for hundreds of years. The fine aromas develop particularly well because of the ideal proportion between diameter and length.

Workmanship: hand-made; long filler

Length: 14,00 cm

Diameter: 1,60 cm

Price per cigar: € 2,00

Price per bundle (16 cigars): € 32,00


Variant Selection of Panama Corona

Panama Corona single

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2,00 €

Panama Corona bundle (16 cigars)

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32,00 €