Origin is taste

As with wine, the region in which the tobacco is cultivated is crucial for its distinguished taste. Marca Fina cigars stem from Panama, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Three countries in which tobaccos of completely different tastes and aromas flourish.




Tobacco is growing in the belt around the equator between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The tobaccos flourish in Central America and on the Caribbean Islands. There are several main cultivation areas for tobacco in this region and the landscape and climate of each area is unique. Each country has a special taste profile recognisable in the tobaccos cultivated there. Marca Fina selects the best locations for its tobacco plantations in order to manufacture the best tobaccos from each region. All tobaccos have been carefully selected because they embody the unique taste profile of their region. Embark on a journey through the world of tobacco…


Tobacco from Panama




Panama is the outsider among the tobacco producing countries. If you are looking for something special you should try these unique and exotic cigars. The natural diversity in aroma of this tobacco is enormous. While enjoying these cigars you will perceive aromas of berries, exotic spices and even dark chocolate. Panama cigars are full-flavoured and complex. They go very nicely with a single malt whisky or a well matured rum from the Caribbean.

Tobacco from the Dominican Republic


Dominikanische Republik

The tobacco brands from the Dominican Republic are famous worldwide for their balances and light taste and creamy aroma, often reminding us of cocoa and nuts. Cigars made from Dominican tobaccos can be smoked all day. They go very nicely with light alcoholic beverages, since these do not overlay the subtle aroma of the cigar.

Tobacco from Honduras



Cigars from Honduras are becoming more and more popular. The strikingly spicy herbal note and the light tingle on the tongue are typical of Honduran tobaccos. Balanced sourness and the special complexity are what distinguishes them. Try a glass of fine cognac along with these wonderful cigars. A beautiful combination.