About Us

Welcome to Marca Fina. In case you are visiting us for the first time let us to tell you a little bit more about ourselves. Marca Fina is the first cigar brand worldwide produced with social responsibility and economic sustainability in mind. We consider it our duty to offer our customers a memorable smoking experience. At the same time it is our intention to produce and trade our cigars with social, economic and ecologic responsibility towards the regions we operate in. We are convinced that successful business management and social responsibility do not contradict each other.




Marca Fina is the name of cigars produced under the general management of Federación de Tabaqueros America Central (FTAC), a cooperation between independent tobacco farmers in Central America and the Caribbean.


These small family businesses from the poorest rural areas of Central America have been cultivating high-class tobaccos on their plantations for decades and sell their harvest to international tobacco corporations on the tobacco markets at generally very low prices.


F.T.A.C. supports these families in manufacturing a part of their annual harvest into high class cigars themselves and selling them directly. For the tobacco farmers this does not only mean significantly higher prices for their hard labour but also price stability and a guaranteed usage of their annual production. This represents an important step towards improved living conditions in countries without social security and health insurance.